Process Engineer



Treviglio, Province of Bergamo, Italy
Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2024


About Us:

Anaergia (TSX: ANRG) is a global leader in offering sustainable solutions for the production of clean energy and the conversion of waste streams to resources. Through a proven portfolio of proprietary technological solutions, Anaergia maximizes the generation of renewable energy, diversion of waste from landfill and reduction of greenhouse gases for customers across the municipal, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. Headquartered in Burlington, ON, and through its multiple subsidiaries across North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, Anaergia is trusted at more than 1,600 installations globally.


Guarantee the design optimization and the process performances during each phase of the “production”, ensuring the excellence of “Anaergia products”, while maintaining competitiveness and profitability.


The Process Engineers analyse the input data and the required output, evaluating consistency and completeness, verifying the feasibility and sustainability of the plant.
They define the appropriate process, specifying fluxes and required capacity, sizing every subsection of the treatment chain and applying the company standards.
They develop and update the engineering documents under their responsibility as per the provision Document List.
Actively participate to the development of the company know-how, contributing to the implementation of database, including the specification of the required test and analysis, and to the upgrade of the required sizing and calculation tools.
The PROs provide their expertise in the 4 main phases of the production chain:
a) Commercial phase: providing process expertise to the Application Engineers
b) Engineering phase: developing the engineering documents under their responsibility as a member of the Project Team
c) Commissioning & start-up phase: providing technical support to the Site Managers
d) Biological Service in operation: providing support to the Customers, either directly or in cooperation with the Service Team.
The targets of the Process Engineers can be summarized as follow:
- Ensure a process design that enable to sell, design and build competitive and performing plants
- Contribute in the selection and integration of reliable and competitive technologies and systems
- Achieve the Customer Satisfaction target

Responsibilities and Authority

- Elaborate the technical specification of the feedstocks according to the required performances and specify the evaluation/analysis criteria
- Define and/or verify/validate the required sub-sections of the treatment chain, specifying the performance requirements of each section
- Produce and manage all the process documents as provided by the Document List
- Prepare the start-up plan and provide dedicated support during the plant hot-commissioning, ramp-up and start-up
- Provide instruction and training to the concerned parties (owner, plant manager, operators) within his area of expertise
- Specify and plan the required feedstocks and streams analysis campaign during commissioning and operation
- Contribute to the development of the Control Narrative, ensuring the proper implementation on management and control system with special focus on the control strategy (analysis, measures, specific executions).
- Monitor the performances of the plant

Job Requirements

At least 5 years experience in the similar position

Educational competencies

- Chemical Engineering
- Environmental Engineering
- Chemistry Science
- Biology Science
- Biotechnology

Technical / Specialist competencies

- Proficiency in the use of the main process calculation tools
- Knowledge of the main available technologies and processes and competence in selecting and applying them
- Proficiency in the development of technical and graphic documents by using the best available IT tools
- Ability to plan chemical and biological analysis
- Anticipate and recognize potential process risks that may affect the good performance of the plant
- Excellent knowledge of the Italian language;
- Excellent knowledge of English, read, written and spoken.

The following side competencies would also be good to have:

- Specific competence on the following application
Anaerobic Digestion
Waste treatment
Waste Water Treatment
- Knowledge of other languages