I&C Engineer Jr



Treviglio, Province of Bergamo, Italy
Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2024


About Us:

Anaergia (TSX: ANRG) is a global leader in offering sustainable solutions for the production of clean energy and the conversion of waste streams to resources. Through a proven portfolio of proprietary technological solutions, Anaergia maximizes the generation of renewable energy, diversion of waste from landfill and reduction of greenhouse gases for customers across the municipal, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. Headquartered in Burlington, ON, and through its multiple subsidiaries across North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, Anaergia is trusted at more than 1,600 installations globally.


Manage and coordinate the engineering activities for the documentation production to support the system control, respecting the timing dictated by the time schedule as well as the completeness and correctness of the information provided.


- Meet / improve the order schedule
- Meet / improve quality standards
- Identify and propose possible cost-effective improvements in the design
- Speed and flexibility in responding to urgent questions from PMs, the sales department and on-site commissioning

Job Responsibilities and Authority

- Produce the order documents relating to the control and automation system;
- Plan the assigned engineering activities and monitor their progress in accordance with the schedule defined on the document list;
- Coordinate the work of the suppliers of products and services, ensure the correctness of the documentation produced and the implementation of the information provided;
- Participate in FAT and SAT relating to the supply of Anaergia or third parties, of the automation panel;
- Punctually record the costs and hours spent on engineering activities, ensuring compliance with the assigned budget for each job;
- Define automation management standards and commit to continuous improvement of control through lessons learned

Job Requirements

Educational competencies

- Mechanical Engineering
- Chemical Engineering
- Electrical Engineering

- Energy Engineering

Technical / Specialist competencies

- Learning of practical techniques for the design of automation systems;
- Rapid acquisition of national and international regulations governing the design of waste treatment, anaerobic digestion and water treatment plants;
- Interpretation of plant supply specifications;
- Skills related to the control architecture of systems consisting of packages;
- Excellent knowledge of the Italian language;
- Good knowledge of English, read, written and spoken.

Soft Skills

- Ability to quickly adapt to the context in which it is inserted, paying attention to the main aspects of the "business mechanism" and in particular understanding how the design solutions adopted can influence the management of orders both in economic terms and in the time schedule;
- Ability to relate to colleagues and understand the main aspects of their duties, acquiring information and useful advice to improve personal training and consequently the quality of work;
- Good ability to organize work, taking into account the priorities of the orders and the deadlines dictated by the time schedule.

The following side competencies would also be good to have:
- Specific expertise in the waste treatment, anaerobic digestion and water treatment plants sector;