Commissioning Engineer



Treviglio, Province of Bergamo, Italy
Posted on Friday, December 15, 2023


About Us:

Anaergia (TSX: ANRG) is a global leader in offering sustainable solutions for the production of clean energy and the conversion of waste streams to resources. Through a proven portfolio of proprietary technological solutions, Anaergia maximizes the generation of renewable energy, diversion of waste from landfill and reduction of greenhouse gases for customers across the municipal, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. Headquartered in Burlington, ON, and through its multiple subsidiaries across North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, Anaergia is trusted at more than 1,600 installations globally.


Consistently manage the assigned jobs by managing and coordinating all the Commissioning Activity from the plant start-up until acceptance of biological commissioning and performance testing, meeting and possibly improving timing and costing

Key Results

- Ensure planning, coordination and cooperation between commissioning team and the operators in field;
- Ensure the application of the highest safety standard in the start-up and operation phase as well as the full compliance to the safety rules;
- Keep / improve the project budget with reward to the area of their competence;
- Meet / improve the job schedule;
- Achieve the Customer Satisfaction rate;
- Fulfill the agreed reporting with reliable data and within the requested deadline;
- With regard to the commissioning and start-up phases, provide risk analysis, develop and manage a mitigation plan;
- Identify opportunity to increase revenues;
- Ensure the consistent “hand-over” to the Customer / operation team, delivering an effective, safe and reliable “product”, ensuring the adequate training of the users (operator).

Job Responsibilities

- Manage all the activities since the plant start-up (dry commissioning) until acceptance test of commissioning;
- Read, analyze and understand the contract, meeting (but not exceeding) anaergia obligations;
- Estimate, develop and agree on job schedule and budget with the sm/pms;
- Manage, meet and possibly improve the budget and the timing;
- Monitor the functionality of all plant components during commissioning phase;
- Manage/coordinate all resources involved in commissioning activities, either through the updating and distributing of detailed schedule and/or setting regular site meetings;
- Early identification of project risks for and early adoption of appropriate countermeasures;
- Within the limits of site related matters (commissioning and start-up) and with respect of the agreed project communication plan, manage relationship with the customer’s project leader;
- Manage relationship with the clients operators for what is concerning operating issues and organization of tasks, including technical correspondence, leaving to the pm the management of contractual related communication;
- Make sure that the O&M manual is prepared and delivered on time by the engineering team before start of commissioning
- Training to the operators/ clients regarding the daily operating business
- Manage the tests of components and prepare all test protocols;
- Support ae with estimating commissioning services
- Feed-back the office-based team (pe/pm/ae/etc.) With lesson learned for continuous improvement;
- Create, update and deliver the reporting as per agreed reporting plan.

The CEs are authorized to:
- Sign correspondence to customers within the limits agreed (communication plan);
- Instruct the operators on site within the agreed limits;
- Manage T&l expenses within the project related assigned budget

Safety and Quality related responsibilities

The CEs are responsible for the rigorous application of the company rules with regard to the project development, the accuracy of reported data and the respect of the contractual/agreed deadlines.
The start-up represents a critical phase in respect of the safety risks; the CEs are called to respect all general and project-specific safety rules, applying and ensuring application of all prescriptions at the best of their possibility/authority. It is also CE’s responsibility to ensure that all the people involved and engaged in commissioning activities, are adequately trained with regard to the activity are called to perform;
the CEs are responsible to notify all misses and eventually claim for stopping activity in case of severe negligence/risks.

Job Requirements

Educational competencies and working experience

1. The CEs hold a technical diploma or graduation in:
- Civil Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Chemical Engineering

2. They have reached 3 year experience as Site Manager in the Industrial/biogas power Plant construction.

Technical / Specialist competencies

- Fully skilled in reading and understanding technical drawings, documents, specification, P&IDs, Control narratives, Cause-effect diagrams;
- Widely, rather that deeply, knowledged in all the disciplines involved with the commissioning (mechanical, electrical, instrumental, biological etc.);
- Experienced in training resources on safety and technical matters
- Manage basic relationship with the Customers;
- Experienced in leading and coordinating the assigned resources (including vendors);
- Manage detailed job schedules;
- Skilled in understanding and use of control systems for industrial uses (SCADA, DCS)
- Experienced in managing according to the ISO standards (ISO 9001, 14001, 45000)
- Solid experience in the waste treatment, anaerobic digestion and water treatment plants sector;
- Excellent knowledge of the Italian language;
- Good knowledge of English, read, written and spoken.

The following side competencies would also be good to have:
- Biogas specific competence.

Soft Skills

To make their job with adequate professionalism and with the right “sense of priority” the CEs have to understand how their activity affect other functions as well as other functions can influence either, positively or negatively, the achievement of their goals.
The CE’s competences need to include, but not be limited to:
- Strong leadership based on technical and biological competences to gain the discipline and respect from the managed resources;
- Teamwork attitude and behavior;
- Knowledge of “company management” and how the projects’ result, either forecasted and actual, do affect overall company management with reference to structural grow, and other investments;
- Good sense of responsibilities in performing and completing the tasks assigned;
- Flexibility on the working schedule and availability to travel within the country or abroad;
- Strong attitude in failure analysis, problem solving.

Transversal skills, welcome but not essential, include:
- Knowledge of other foreign language.